Jim Dunlop Rotovibe Review

When I was studying at my music academy, one of my tutors told me about this pedal. I was looking for a new chorus pedal and this is what he suggested as an alternative to most other pedals on the market. However there were none that  could get at the time so bought a EHX Small Clone, which is awesome, as replacement.

I have recently purchased one second hand, and I wish I had bought this first.

So why so good? Well it has the great sounds of the EHX Small Clone, that old vintage style chorus with the proper amount of wobble that is really adjustable. The vibrato is also really good and made much better with the control of the expression foot control.

The Rotovibe has 3 parameters. How much, of what and how fast. You can select whether you want the vibrato or chorus effect, how much depth is mixed with the dry signal and then how fast the parameter moves. The expression style foot plate allows the vibrato and chorus speeds to be set and easily manipulated during performance and the built in LED’s for each effect make it really easy to see the speed set.

Because of the size of the depth dial, it can be quickly adjusted whilst it is on a board, however the selection switch for the vibrato/chorus can be a little more challenging to be push. If you are mounting the pedal on your board on the far right hand side you can operate the switch with the side of your foot, however, most of us will have chorus after gain/boost and a wah, so this isn’t really an option. This is a small price to pay though for having such a great vintage sounding pedal.

The other major issue is the size and particularly the footprint. Because it has the expression footplate, it takes up the same size as a wah or volume pedal. For me this isn’t a huge problem as I use a pedal board which has enough width to compensate for this. If you are however using a board such as a pedal train mini you will not get it anywhere close.

The chorus is as good as a EHX Small Clone, but not as  modern sounding as the TC Corona, and is not as adjustable as the Corona. You will not be able to MIDI the Rotovibe as well which will be a problem if you are using a switcher. The vibrato is great, it sounds a lot like a Lesley cabinet and you can get very close rotating speaker effects.

This is a pedal that will now be on most of my boards. It has a great sound, is super flexible and cuts through with a band really well unlike a lof of other chorus effects.

Pros – Rotating Effect / Vibrato & Chorus / Flexibility / 9V Power Supply / LED’s

Cons- Footprint / Effect Switch Location

Overall Rating: 9/10

Jim Dunlop Rotovibe


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