T-Rex Tremster Review

Tremolo pedals are something that I have been getting into more. I have lost my love for the chorus pedal and have switched to trems. There are also quite a few of these on the market.

I bought the Tremster a few years ago for a project I was in that didn’t then go any further, so it has remained in my pedal box for some time. I am now using it with Hannah Williams as a main port of my board and am now really appreciating how good this sound is.

So when I was choosing mine there were a few that took my eye. There was the Tremster, the Boss TR-2 and the Fulltone SupaTrem. If I am honest I wanted the SupaTrem but unfortunately there were none in stock anywhere I could get one, so it became a shootout between the Boss and T-Rex. This then was not really much of a comparison. The boss pedals, like all of them, are extremely good, great build quality and decent sounds and adjustment levels, but the Trex was just better. The sound I thought had a better tone, the wave forms seemed more rounded as well the controls were also a little slower, meaning adjustment can be very fine and tailored to what I needed.

The Tremster tries to create a vintage tube trem sound and it does this very well. The tones are warm and rich making it very user friendly. There is a nice function with this pedal, the mode button. With it in the normal position is creates a sine wave type of effect. If you depress the button it takes on a square wave effect. I have always left it in the sine wave setting as I have never been a fan of the square wave form, but it is good to know it is there. One thing I have used it for is turning up the speed and depth and making it sound quite a lot like a Lesley speaker. this is very effective when you add chorus to the mix as well!

The dials are very self explanatory which I like, Mode, Speed, Depth and Volume.  The volume can actually work a little like  boost as well and can give +3db of boost with it set all the way to the top. The battery compartment is also well places, right in the centre on the back so any velcro that is on the back doesn’t interrupt a battery replacement. The Tremster is also solid as a rock. Like all the T-Rex pedals it is really rugged. It feels great to stomp on and doesn’t feel flimsy.

Bad points…… The pedal, like a lot of T-Rex pedals, has a large footprint. The total size can take up quite a lot of space which is a shame as a pedal like the boss has many of the same features but is smaller. This won’t matter if you have a big board however or a double layered board. The LED’s on the pedal are also very dull, if you have bright stage lights it can be difficult to see. The jack positions on the back are very close together and the 9V input is again close the the output jack meaning that wiring this to a board can be a bit of a pain, particularly if you are like me and use right angled jacks.

Since buying this pedal there have been a lot of other trems that have come on to the market. Strymon have launched some great gear and the Strymon Flint is possibly the best, but don’t forget you pay a price for that! There are also some awesome TC Electronic pedal, individual trem pedals as well as multi effect systems that are terrifyingly good.

This being said, don’t be put off as the sound and the actual usage of the pedal are better than most. Easy to use and great sound, my suggestion would be to try one out alongside a few others to see what I mean.

Pros: Great tone / Easy to use / Square and sine wave modes

Cons: Large Footprint / Difficult jack and power positioning / Poor LED

Overall Rating: 7/10

T-Rex Tremster


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