VOX Time Machine Review

This was the first delay pedal that I bought. I was creating a big function board and wanted something super flexible. This pedal is the second pedal that VOX design with the help of Joe Satriani, and is very simple to use.

The pedal has a number of cool features on it, the main ones being the delay range and the Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi switch as well as a vintage and modern mode. The pedal has the usual knobs, Feedback, Time, Range and Level, as well as the lo/hi fi setting and the modern vintage mode, and a tap tempo.

The Feedback dial adjusts the amount of repeats that you get. Turn it all the way to the left and you get none, all the way to the right and they never end.

  • The Time is the rate dial. This adjusts the amount of time between the repeats and goes from a slow repeat right through to a chicken pickin’ level of slap back.
  • The range splits into 4 setting. 125 ms / 250 ms / 500 ms / 1000 ms In conjunction with the Time dial this adjusts just how fast you want the delay.
  • The Level simply adjusts the overall output volume of the pedal.
  • The Lo-Fi setting gives you a transparent tone that is uncoloured.
  • The Hi-Fi setting is a Joe Satriani custom setting and employs low and high pass filters. This is great when playing with a band as the other frequencies of the other instruments.
  • The Modern / Vintage mode is accessed by holing hown the tap tempo button. The LED changes colour depending on the mode. The Modern function is a brighter delay a lot like a BOSS DD pedal, and the Vintage mode is more like an analogue delay. It is not the same a true analogue pedal and nowhere near the sound of a tape delay, but it is warmer.
  • The Tap tempo button does exactly that and is very precise to your last 2 foot stomps.

The pedal also has 2 outputs. A standard out that takes the wet signal to the amp, but there is a second jack out that takes a dry signal. This means you can have a wet and dry signal going outboard to different amps. To be honest I have never bothered running a stereo set up and have only ever used the single wet output, so I can’t really say how well this works.

Because of the range dial, this pedal allows a very high level of adjustment in terms of delay time, and coupled with the tap tempo makes it a very useful delay pedal. There are a few issues to this pedal though. This pedal is the same size as 2 BOSS pedals side by side so takes up quite a lot of space on the board, and when pedal board space is at a premium, there are better pedals for the size. The other issue is that whilst the casing is very well made, the tap tempo and volume buttons have come loose on more than one occasion. This has also happened to a few others people that I know of. this isn’t difficult to put right, simply screw back the nut holding it in place, it is a bit boring when it happens mid gig!

Despite this though it is priced well, the LED are nice and bright, the buttons are good to tread on and the dials are super easy to use. It is also very easy to get good sounds from without really having to set anything up, just plug and play. If you are looking for an analogue sounding pedal look elsewhere. Have a look at my review of the MXR Carbon Copy if that is what you are after.

Pros: Price / LED’s / Nice Buttons / Easy to use / Wet and Dry outputs

Cons: A little unreliable / Size

Overall Rating: 7/10



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