Hannah’s Board

So have finally settled on a board for Hannah’s tour this year.

Have been playing with the band since October 2013 and have tried many different things so far. Pedals that had to be on the board were: Tremolo, EM Drive and a Tuner. I wanted add few other options as there are parts of the set where the dynamic of the song increases a lot. I wanted to keep it fairly clean as well, hence the addition of the BB+, a bit more blues based but will allow me to add more volume and depth to sound when the band really starts cooking. I have also added a delay which will be set to a short delay adding for solo’s and some popping lines. The MXR also has a chorus built in so a bit more flexibility tonally.

Hannah Board

I played around with 2 tuners, the TU-3 and the TC Polytune. Both are awesome and reliable, but having never had a problem with a TU tuner that is what I will stick with. I really don’t want to have to be without a tuner so want something I know will not break (touch wood!).

This board is daisy chained together for ease and portability, didn’t really want the wait of a power supply (It also wouldn’t fit). I have used the planet waves pedal kits to connect it all together. Love these systems as I can tailor the length of all the jacks. cable ties to keep it all in place.

At this point I must make an apology to our bass player Doug as I have taken the autowah off the board. I know he loves it but I just don’t need it for this gig! When I can take a bigger board I will put it back!

This is actually one of the nicest boards I have built so think I will stick with it for a while.

Looking forward to getting it out on the next rehearsal and see what’s what!

Here’s the chain:

TU-3 / BB+ / EM Drive / Tremster / Carbon Copy


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