Some Old News And Some New News

Hello all. It has been a very long time since I updated this site. In fact just over a year so apologies to any of you who were looking for another gear review.

In the year that has gone it has been a busy one so hear are the highlights:

My function band, AKA, has gone from strength to strength and we are getting a lot more bookings and enquiries. We have just redone our website as well so please take a look. There are loads of new photos and acoustic demos up there that are sounding and looking great.

Last year I was working with Hannah Williams and The Tastemakers. We have since parted ways as I was becoming too busy with other projects and the band wanted to keep it a bit more in house with personnel. I wish them all the best and am looking forward to hearing their second album.

I am now however working with a few other artists as well that I can dedicate more time to which is great. Firstly working with Cold Fever and Hyphen. Check out their music here:

These guys are crazy and are a real breath of fresh air to play with and be in a band with. We played at Glastonbury Festival 2015 and will hopefully be doing more work in the future.

Alongside this I have also been working with Lisa Kwei and have just finished recording and mastering her second album at Metropolis Studios in London. What an experience that was. With Lisa we have just signed a publishing contract as well as a development deal to help provide the new album a good platform to launch from We are playing a lot of gigs at the minute to test the new live material and work out effective and great set lists to take into the next year of work and gigging and with a bit of luck some touring out in Europe.

I have a bit of time now as well so I will be sitting down and writing some new reviews for you. There are a few things that I have been using over the year that are great so I will share all of those with you from pedal boards, to pedals and a few lovely new pick ups that I have been using from 2 different manufacturers.

Keep in touch and let me know if there is something that needs reviewing and I will do my best.

See you soon. Matt


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